Steam Status

1.2.1 phpBB 3.2.3
Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:21 am
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46.26 KiB
Validated for:
phpBB 3.2.3
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This extension allows users to add their SteamID to their account in order to have their current Steam profile status displayed on their forum profile and/or posts.

  • Adds a profile field that accepts a SteamID in any format (SteamID, SteamID3, SteamID64, or Steam Community profile URL/vanity name), which is converted to SteamID64
  • Option to display current status on user profiles and in the user section of each post
  • Auto-refresh status at a configurable interval
Minimum Requirements:
  • phpBB 3.2.0
  • allow_url_fopen enabled in the PHP configuration
  • A Steam account with at least $5 worth of purchases (more info)
  • Download and unzip the current release.
  • Upload the extracted package in to the ext directory of your phpBB board.
  • Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Manage extensions.
  • Look for Steam Status under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its Enable link.
  • Set up and configure Steam Status by navigating in the ACP to Extensions -> Steam Status.
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