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Sat Aug 06, 2022 2:41 pm
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This Extension Lets Admin to control User Notification . ;)
The phpBB's core & any other extension's notifications can be controlled (i.e. Enable/None/Disable) by this Extension.
Kindly note , this Extension does not allow to Create any New OR Delete any Notifications, it only displays & control's the existing Notifications.

Status Badge for User Notification Control [UNC] on phpBB v3.3.x :
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Requirements: phpBB 3.2.10/3.3.1 (or current 3.{3,2}.x dev) or above.

  1. Option to Enable/Disable this extension.
  2. Option to Enable / None / Disable for each User Notification for All Users.
    • Enable : To force Enable the Notification.
    • None : To let User select the Notification.
    • Disable : To force Disable the Notification.
  3. Displays the Notification Controlled by Administrator in User's UCP Notification Options.
Instructions : Installation / Updation / Uninstallation
⚠️ No Language Key : Err0r "⚠️ No Language Key" for core or other extension(s)
GitHub Repository : usernotificationcontrol
GitHub Repository Language Packs : usernotificationcontrol> lang-pack
For more Details Go Here : User Notification Control [UNC]

EnJoY :D
Best Regards. :)
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