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The extension "Usermap for phpbb" adds an interactive map with the users' positions to your forum. To determine those positions the extension uses the country and postal code (zip code) of each user's location to look up the coordinates in the database. If the database contains more than one coordinate for this country/postal code combination Usermap uses the predefined profile field "location" to improve the determination of the coordinates. The positions are displayed by a circular marker coloured in the colour of the main group of the respective user.
Every user contained in the map can search for other users within predefined distances of 1km - 100km (0.6mi - 62mi) around his position. Results are displayed with the nicknames and distances in ascending order. The nickname works as a link to the profile of the respective user which will be opened in a new browser tab.
An OSM map is used for displaying the user positions.

Additionally the administrator can enable multible map layers with Points of Interest (POIs). If enabled and user permissions allow users can add POIs to the map by right-clicking in the map at the desired location.

Input or change of country and/or postal code is done in the user's profile, either by himself or an administrator. If country and postal code are provided at registering (default) the respective user will be added to the Usermap at activation, if the coordinates can be determined.

Display of the user positions and POIs depends on the permissions granted for this extension.

The administrator can select latitude and longitude of the map center as well as the zoom at initial display of the map in the ACP. In addition the administrator can install additional language packs for this extension.

Prior to usage of Usermap the administrator MUST open a (free) account with and enter the according username(s) in the ACP in order to enable usage of the database. Without at least one user name the Usermap is NOT functioning!
In addition it is possible to add a Google Maps API Key to retrieve data from there if Geonames does not provide the data. As a third means it is possible to define coordinates for given country- postal code combinations and store them in the database.
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