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Interaction with other extensions

by v12mike » Fri May 15, 2020 8:16 am

Users of this extension should be aware that the extension is not update the data of other phpBB extensions that may have created database tables that have references to the user_id that is deleted by this extension.

Examples of this include anavaro/postlove, skouat/ppde, and I am sure many others...

Well-behaved extensions will delete data associated with the deleted user_id, but that may not be the behaviour that users expect, as the extension-related data from the deleted user will probably deleted. This should be a consideration when deciding which user id to delete (you can always rename the remaining user with the deleted user name).

I don't think that there is any solution to this problem as phpBB does not seem to support (or it is not documented) extensions having events that are intended for other extensions, which in this case would be an event to tell another extension that 2 users are being merged.
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