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Userreminder for phpBB

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Userreminder is an extension to the phpBB bulletin board to manage inactive users


Userreminder enables administrators to check their board for three different types of users:
  • Users who have not been online for a selectable number of days (called inactive users); these users can be reminded of logging in again with one or two emails and after another period of time can be deleted. The number of days between the emails and the deletion can be selected. You can have done reminding and deleting the users automatically if desired.
  • Users who have registered but never visited again after activation (called sleepers), these users can be deleted manually or they can be reminded and deleted automatically after a number of days the admin can choose seperatly for both tasks.
  • Users who are online on a more or less regular basis but have never posted something (called zero posters), these can be deleted manually, too or they can be handled like inactive users with the same - independently selectable - settings as inactive users.
All three above mentioned tables are displayed in the ACP Extension tab. With an additional settings tab you can enter the different time frames as a number of days (e.g. 70 days until a user shows up as inactive). For your convenience you can select to remind and/or delete users automatically, this happens whenever a user logs into the board. If there are users you want to protect from getting reminded or deleted you can define those users by their user_id.

There is also a possibility to add one email address each for a bcc and/or cc copy of the reminding mails as well as a replyto address.
In order to prevent reminding mails from being lost the admin can define the number of reminding mails to be send in a definable time frame; reminding mails exceeding this number are stored in an email queue for later sending
An info section displays the last run of sending mails from the queue, the number of currently available emails and the number of emails waiting in the queue.

In a second part of the settings tab you can edit the text of the emails including a preview and the possibility to send a testmail to an email adress the admin can freely choose.

Important !!!
  • Users are deleted by retaining their posts in order to prevent gaps in your forum threads!
  • Automatic sending of reminder mails or deletion of users is part of the login routine whenever a user logs into the board; at this moment the variables for the last reminding mails - if there were any - are reset to zero to flag this user as active. Another part of this routine is checking whether automatic mail sending and/or automatic deletion is activated, in this case the extension checks for users due to be reminded or deleted.
Starting with version 1.3.0 protected users are no longer listed with their user_id, instead the admin can enter their usernames which is easier and more user friendly. In addition it is possible to chose from a list of used default groups those whose members are protected from being reminded and deleted through Userreminder.
For zeroposters the admin can now select whether those are to be handled like inactive users, which means that they will be reminded and deleted according to the rules applying to inactive users; the table listing zeroposters will then show the dates of the first and second reminder mail and the select boxes to remind and delete zeroposters manually.
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