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by TraXy » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:26 pm

I've always dreamed of a word count ext, because it would be insanely useful on the roleplaying board I admin. Are there any plans on changing the way this ext works to show the word count as you type? Seeing the word count when you preview something, or have posted it, feels less useful than it would be seeing it change as you type. (WordPress does this, it's very useful, especially when you have a kind of minimum word count in mind for a post.)

Is there a chance it might be updated so that you can have it only active in certain forums, as in make it forum permissions-based instead of active everywhere? I don't know how feasible it is, but having the word count below the profile on the side of the post would look less intrusive than as a post footer if it has to be displayed on every single post. Or maybe the ability to choose if you want it below the profile or post? Or maybe it's a simple (?) switcher on your profile if you as a user want to see everyone's posts' word counts or not.

Or even better, perhaps, which requires the least amount of change (I think), only seeing it when you preview the post? That way you wouldn't have to see it on every single post where the number of words really doesn't matter, but you can still get a head's up about how many words you've got if you want to see it before you submit the post.

I think in general it's just that the text line on every single post is a bit intrusive, especially when it's largely irrelevant how many words other people have posted in general, and in certain forums in particular.
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