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An extension for phpBB 3.2.x that allows users to post in LaTeX. The extension automatically adds the appropriate BBCode as well as the \( and \) delimiters.
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by kinerity

3.2.2 Extension
Mark Read Confirm
Mark Read Confirm This extension adds a confirmation box before forums and topics are marked as read. Requirements: PHP at least 5.4.7 phpBB at least 3.2.2 See GitHub repository for latest development code:…
Mark Read Confirm

by kasimi

3.2.3 Extension
Allows the use of Markdown on posts, personal messages and signatures. It uses the Litedown plugin to render Markdown, and PipeTables to render tables, both from the TextFormatter library bundled in phpBB. Features: Use Markdown in posts…

by AbaddonOrmuz

3.2.7 Extension
Unlimited Soft Deletion
Allow the user to soft-delete every own post/topic by-passing the native core's logic. User permission On a per forum basis Topics locked excluded Edit time limit ignored No matters if a topic has replies No matters if the…
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3.2.5 Extension