Customisation Database

Advanced BBCode Box 3 Replace BBCode buttons with icons in an attractive and customizable toolbar. This extension also adds many new and useful custom BBCodes giving users more ways to customize their posts, including BBv…
Advanced BBCode Box 3

by VSE

3.2.6 3.1.10 Extension
Board Announcements
An official phpBB Extension that allows administrators to create a special board-wide announcement at the top of any page being viewed. Features: Single announcement/notice displayed throughout entire forum (or index page only) Fully customis…
Board Announcements

by Extensions Dev Robot

3.2.2 3.1.10 Extension
phpBB Directory
That extension add a links directory at your phpBB forum. For each website: Comments Votes Banners Click counter Country flags Automatics thumbnails Google PageRank calcul Back link (with an powerful sytem of automatical periodic verific…
phpBB Directory

by ErnadoO

3.1.5 Extension
Notify Admin on Registration
When a new user registers on your board, a short e-mail with basic user info will be sent to all administrators of the board. Note: Only the email is sent if the configured account activation is this: Account activation: By user (email verif…
Notify Admin on Registration

by dmzx

3.2.0 3.1.10 Extension