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Validated Date Profile Fields
This extension adds date range validation to the standard date profile fields. You may add a minimum and maximum date to any date profile field. It may be specified as a complete or partial date (only year, year plus month, full date) and the va…
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by javiexin

3.2.0 3.1.10 Extension
Welcome back
based on an idea of the stoker's mod "Welcome on index" , but with completely rewritten code. Here is a bar welcome back, displayed only by users logged in, containing lots of information and links forum. practically, it is the navbar expande…
Welcome back

by alex75

3.3.0 3.2.9 3.1.11 Extension
phpBB extension which display a users zodiac if they have inputted a month and day for their birthday. If you like this extension and want to show some appreciation buy me a beer…

by RMcGirr83

3.2.2 3.1.10 Extension