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Validated Date Profile Fields
This extension adds date range validation to the standard date profile fields. You may add a minimum and maximum date to any date profile field. It may be specified as a complete or partial date (only year, year plus month, full date) and the va…
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by javiexin

3.2.0 3.1.10 Extension
Auto Database Restore
Automatically restore database to a specified backup. Features: Select a backup file that you want to automatically restore your site to Select how often you want to reset the site to the specified backup (15, 30, 60 minutes) or Optionally …
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by Blitze

3.2.1 Extension
Exclude forum ids from statistics
Exclude specified forum id/s from forum statistics. To exclude a forum: ACP / Forums / Manage forums / Edit / General forum settings/ESFFS Settings / Exclude forum.
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by GanstaZ

3.2.3 Extension
Search Page Auto Reload
The extension adds a HTTP header to several pages of search.php, like "unread posts" or "new topics". The header will tell the browser to refresh the page every 120 seconds.
Search Page Auto Reload

by heinrich_k

3.2.2 Extension
Empty Post Subjects
Links Extension development repository: Extension Description: Empties the 'Subject' when (quick) replying to a topic. Modifies the text of the Last Post link on the board index or when v…
Empty Post Subjects

by ___Martin

3.2.5 Extension