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Auto-lock Topics
Auto-lock topics after the specified number days of inactivity using a phpBB cron task. Features: Run the auto-lock cron task only in the selected forums Enable/disable announcements auto-lock Enable/disable polls auto-lock Enable/disable …
Auto-lock Topics

by AbaddonOrmuz

3.3.0 3.2.2 Extension
Google Search Compatible -blue.svg Compatible -blue.svg Adds a Google Search box to your Forum. The responsive style use…
Google Search

by HiFiKabin

3.3.0 3.2.9 3.1.11 Extension
phpBB Studio - No Re:
Extension Name: No Re: Author: phpBB Studio Extension Description: The extension removes the prefix " Re : " from posts and PMs in the Reply, Quick Reply or Quote process. The difference with the existing one is that it…
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3.3.0 3.2.9 Extension