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Notify Admin on Registration
When a new user registers on your board, a short e-mail with basic user info will be sent to all administrators of the board. Note: Only the email is sent if the configured account activation is this: Account activation: By user (email verif…
Notify Admin on Registration

by dmzx

3.2.0 3.1.10 Extension
Breizh Ajax Preview
Breizh Ajax Preview This extension allows you to preview messages, private messages and edit signatures in real time (ajax) directly in the editorial page.
Breizh Ajax Preview

by sylver35

3.3.0 3.2.9 Extension
gn36 - Version Check Notifier
This extension checks for available Updates of phpBB and Extensions. Administrators are notified about available updates. Checks are run daily, notifications can be received using any available notification method, including emails, jabber, the r…
gn36 - Version Check Notifier

by gn#36

3.3.0 3.2.9 3.1.9 Extension
Auto-lock Topics
Auto-lock topics after the specified number days of inactivity using a phpBB cron task. Features: Run the auto-lock cron task only in the selected forums Enable/disable announcements auto-lock Enable/disable polls auto-lock Enable/disable …
Auto-lock Topics

by AbaddonOrmuz

3.3.0 3.2.2 Extension
Google Search Compatible -blue.svg Compatible -blue.svg Adds a Google Search box to your Forum. The responsive style use…
Google Search

by HiFiKabin

3.3.0 3.2.9 3.1.11 Extension
phpBB Studio - No Re:
Extension Name: No Re: Author: phpBB Studio Extension Description: The extension removes the prefix " Re : " from posts and PMs in the Reply, Quick Reply or Quote process. The difference with the existing one is that it…
No screenshot


3.3.0 3.2.9 Extension
Advanced BBCode Box or newer-blueviolet or newer-blue…
Advanced BBCode Box

by MattF

3.3.2 3.2.11 3.1.10 Extension