Advanced BBCode Box 3

ABBC3 replaces phpBB3's BBCode buttons with icons in a beautiful and highly customizable toolbar. ABBC3 also adds many new and useful BBCodes giving users more ways to customize their posts. It also improves some of phpBB3's built-in BBCodes and supports your own custom BBCodes. Additional features include an Image Resizer with various Lightbox styled expanders, and Auto-Embed Video for dozens of media sites and file formats. ABBC3 is very fast loading and is a sleek addition to your phpBB3 bulletin board.

  • Icon-based BBCode toolbar.
  • Customize the theme of the toolbar and the order/layout of your BBCodes.
  • Many new BBCodes.
  • Supports phpBB3’s custom BBCodes.
  • BBCodes can be assigned to certain usergroups for private use.
  • BBCodes can be assigned to the Post, Private Message and Signature editors independently.
  • Embed video in your posts, supports dozens of media sites and file formats.
  • Image Resizer with various lightbox styled expanders (Highslide, Lightview, Lightbox2, and Shadowbox).

Note: Javascript is required by this MOD.
  • Author leviatan21
  • Co-Authors VSE
  • Version 3.0.13
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  • Install Level Intermediate
  • Last updated Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:38 pm
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