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Advanced Double Activation Pack

1.4.12 phpBB 3.0.11
Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:17 am
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More features for account registration, user management and auto user pruning
  • Double Activation:
    A new option for ACCOUNT ACTIVATION (User+Admin) to the board. Newly registered users first have to confirm their email address and then administrators have to activate the account.
  • ACP User Verify page:
    A new ACP page is added for one click verifying of newly registered users. On this page you see the all necessary profile details and you can activate or delete the user and do all disallow and banning options if you want.
  • Force E-mail address change:
    The MOD allows founders to force e-mail address change for users - e.g. if they got SMTP delivery notifications on notification e-mails. Board mass e-mails and private maessages are not send to users which have to change their e-mail address.
  • Mass force E-mail address change:
    Although a new ACP page is added for mass force e-mail address change - e.g. after sending mass board e-mails.
  • Extended Admin Activation e-mail:
    A feature is added for admin activation notification e-mails (admin_activate.txt) to add the profile details and custom profile fields.
  • Auto user pruning:
    Auto user pruning for deactivated user, inactive users, lost users and lazy users. Easy to use! Usefull time periods preconfigured. Users and groups can be excluded from auto user pruning. Founders and deceased users are always excluded.
  • Deceased users support:
    Inactive user with reason INACTIVE_DECEASED
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