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Advanced Double Activation Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What means Double Activation?

Double Activation (User+Admin) means account activation in two steps.
Then a user is registering at the first User Acticvation is used. This means the newly registered user has to confirm his e-mail address. The user is getting a notification e-mail (user_welcome_inactive.txt) including the needed link.
Then at the second step Admin Activation is used. So if the newly registered users has confirmed his e-mail address succesfully then the administrators are getting an activation e-mail (admin_activate.txt) to activate the new user account.

Features of User Activation:
  • + you always have real e-mail addresses for the newly registered users
  • + administrators have not to do anything
  • - most of spam bots are using real existing e-mail addresses for registration
  • - new user accounts are activated automatically

Features of Admin Activation:
  • + new user accounts are not activated automatically
  • + administrators can use banning and other features to prevent spam bot registrations
  • - users can register with faked e-mail addresses
  • - administrator action is needed

Double Activation brings the benefits of User Activation and Admin Activation together, but it's not working automatically. So it can not be used as the only one feature to prevent spam bot registrations without annoying administrators too much.
IMO you need Admin Activation at least to have the chance to ban annoying single humans who want to fight especially against your board. Although you want to check the values for required custom profile fields. But if you are using only Admin Activation you don't have real or existing e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses (and in some cases IP addresses) are the only one true identifier for the real person behind the username or nickname. Here you can have problems with law and so on. This was the main reason for me to realize the Double Activation. I hope that it will be included in Ascareus or Arsia core package, and the other ADAP features, too! ...