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Advertisement Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Display advertisements on a non-phpBB page

NOTE: This may not work for all advertisements, especially advertisements that use Javascript to output the advertisement.

Use Javascript to load the advertisement on a non-phpBB page.

Figure out your URL to your ads/ads_js.php file, for example:

What position_id to display (from the list of position_ids in the Advertisement Management ACP module)?
In the URL declare p=(position_id)

Is it a specific forum you want to show advertisements from?
In the URL declare f=forum_id

Is the user_id known (if not specified, it will use the guest account)?
In the URL declare u=user_id

Wrap the URL in:

Code: Select all

<script src="URL"></script>

Common Example (position_id of 1):

Forum Example (position_id of 3, forum_id of 2):

User and Forum example (position_id of 7, forum_id of 3, user_id of 2):

Full example (position_id of 7, forum_id of 3, user_id of 2):

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<script src="http://mysite.com/ads/ads_js.php?p=7&f=3&u=2"></script>