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Advertisement Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Restoring default positions

If you've accidentally removed one or more of the default positions, you can run the raw SQL queries to recreate them:

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INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(1, 'ABOVE_HEADER');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(2, 'BELOW_HEADER');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(3, 'ABOVE_POSTS');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(4, 'BELOW_POSTS');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(5, 'AFTER_FIRST_POST');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(6, 'AFTER_EVERY_POST');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(7, 'ABOVE_FOOTER');
INSERT INTO `phpbb_ads_positions` (`position_id`, `lang_key`) VALUES(8, 'BELOW_FOOTER');