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Group Management

by Primar13 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:39 pm

So Far loving this...

The one downfall is the "Choose groups you DONT want to see the Ad"

Is there a version of this mod or a way to alter it to make that function.

"Choose the groups you DO want to see the Ad"

This would be so much easier for me and my group, because pretty much all our ads will be for a certain group only, and since most of our groups overlap permission wise, picking groups to hide it from can cause many issues.

Any person who visits our forums and isn't a Full accepted member of the Organization stays in the Registered users Group. Once you are accepted you are added into more groups but keep the your place in the "RU" Group. This can make things difficult when trying to hide Ads from "Non Members" as hiding from the "RU" Group hides it from everyone as well.

See my Problem?
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