Auto Backup

This mod takes automatic scheduled backups of your phpBB3 database (using phpBB cron job).
v1.0.3 is also compatible with phpBB 3.0.11 and 3.0.12.

2nd place in Most Downloaded MODs (for MODs submitted in 2011)

Main features:
  • enable/disable Auto Backup,
  • Auto Backup frequency,
  • database optimization,
  • the quantity of stored backups,
  • the backup time,
  • the backup file type - gzip, bzip2 or text.

All backups are stored in folder 'store'. You can restore and download them using phpbb backup functions (Maintaince -> Backup Module -> Restore). You don't need to use ftp access to download them.

Croatian by Slashv
French by amlette
German by niklas1407
Greek by AaSa
Italian by Galandas
Polish by Pico88
Portuguese by Pavlov
Spanish by Painkillerdila

:!: Attention :!:
When you set 'Store Backups' for ex. to 10 and you already have more than 10 backups, all the oldest backups will be deleted on the next auto backup time and there will be only 10 stored backups.
  • Author Pico88
  • Version 1.0.3
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