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Change username color - phpBB mChat (add-on)

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Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:04 pm
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phpBB 3.0.12
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Addon for phpbb mChat, allow to change the color of username mChat only.

Requirements: phpBB mChat have to be installed (RMcGirr83 version)

Author notes: Why change the color of mChat username? Sometimes people change the background of mChat on where the username is not visible. Why? I don't know. So was made this add-on (request on this board).

  • possibility to change color of mChat username (registered only)
  • possibility to change color of mChat username (administrators and moderators also)
  • possibility to set any color of mChat username (ACP)
  • color of usernames on the board remains unchanged

Available languages:
  • english
  • polish
Available styles:
  • prosilver
01. Mini-Chat.PNG 02. Mini-Chat.PNG 03. Mini-Chat.PNG 04. Mini-Chat.PNG 05. ACP-Mini-Chat.PNG 06. ACP-Mini-Chat.PNG 07. ACP-Mini-Chat.PNG
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