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Clickable Icons

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Fri May 15, 2009 6:19 am
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This modification makes the icons for the links in the header and footer clickable.

For instance, notice how when you hover over the FAQ link in the header, it changes the color of the text in the link itself, and changes the cursor to a hand instead of an arrow, indicating it is a clickable link. Now, notice when you hover over the icon for the FAQ link, nothing happens, the cursor remains normal, the link text doesn't change color and you cannot actually click it to navigate to the FAQ page. This modification addresses that by making the icons clickable.

When installed properly, the icon next to the links will act just as the rest of the link does, when you hover the mouse over it the cursor will change, the link text will change color and you will be able to click on the icon itself to use the link.

This mod covers all the default icons used in the header and footer but as you can see by looking at the demo site, it can work with all icons and includes basic instructions for doing so.

Icons made clickable: Bookmark, Bump. FAQ, Home, Login, Logout, Members, Register, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and the User Control Panel.
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