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Installed, Chose BG img, chngd 2 proS, Server error - Custom Header Logo

Installed, Chose BG img, chngd 2 proS, Server error

by dragula » Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:58 am

So I installed this version into my forums and it installed just fine. I uploaded a background image into the proper folder and saw the image in the options. I chose the image for the forums I wanted to have it on and purged the cache and refreshed the templates. I use subsilver2 normally and the BG image was not working. So I changed my forum template to prosilver and refreshed, and then purged the cache again (havent quite figured out when to do this and not to do it) well after purging the cache My forums are not accessible anymore. I get a server 500 error. I do not have many mods installed. Only one click ban, openid, social login and avatars memberlist. Everything was working great until I switched to prosilver after installing this mod. Prosilver has never even given me any issues. I uninstalled the mod with the uninstall file, and then I went and worked backwards in all of the php files deleting everything I added etc. I even took out the 5 or 6 files that I added for this mod and still nothing. I went into my cache folder and deleted everything except .htaccess and index.htm and still nothing. Oh please could someone help me. Im very new to this and have spent days getting this all set up and like a compllete idiot, I do not have anything saved. If I have to reinstall my forums I should retain all of my users correct (in the database) How would I go about doing that if it is necessary?
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Re: Installed, Chose BG img, chngd 2 proS, Server error

by Balint » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:23 pm


I have never seen nor heard of this error condition and I'm sure it has to do with purging the cache.

Could you provide a link to your forums - in a private message if you want to.

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