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Debug Errors and Notices

1.1.0 phpBB 3.0.9
Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:18 pm
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phpBB 3.0.9
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This Mod allows you to draw and record in the database all the debug errors and notices.
These errors are not made in the logs as fatal errors and some others.
They are simply displayed at the top of the forum originally. In addition, good numbers are only visible by turning on debug and extra debug.
With this mod, activate the extra debug, save all the errors and notices, but without obstructing the view of the forum which undergoes significant deformation of the layout if errors or notices are present.
It is possible to disable the display of these errors and notices in the config Mod.
It is indeed possible to better resolve all errors and notices with the data retrieved.

► This mod is highly recommended to develop, install, check all the modifications on phpbb3.
Always have a healthy forum without any errors ...

Pending validation of the new version 1.2.0, she is available at this address:
-> http://breizh-portal.com/erreurs-et-not ... t1311.html
► phpbb 3.0.10 compatible
Added ability to sort by user, IP, language, page file and error message
Added a view of errors in the index administration with direct links

Update version 1.1.0 to version 1.2.0 -> http://breizh-portal.com/erreurs-et-not ... t1311.html

Update version 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 see here:
English language: http://breizh-portal.com/update-debug-e ... t1002.html
Langage Français: http://breizh-portal.com/mise-a-jour-er ... -t925.html

Topic mod: http://breizh-portal.com/mod-erreurs-et ... -t924.html
Forum support: http://breizh-portal.com/forum-de-support-f15.html
Tracker: http://breizh-portal.com/tracker.php?c=4
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