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Hidden content for groups can view

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Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:02 pm
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  • This mod requires the prior installation of "advanced bbcode box mod" version 3.0.12 or 3.0.13Click here Download.

  • This Mod allows you to hide the topic content.

  • You can set which users or groups of users can view.

  • Administrators, global moderators, and forum moderators being able to view the content without having "Permanent permission".

  • This mod can increase your income Forum,Because you can set up the hidden content, users can view only the vip.

  • Also included permission to view the content always.

  • Go to "ACP---Permissions---Group permissions---Post" Setting

You can change the language as you like:
Just like me :

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'HIDVIP_EXPLAIN'         => 'You must<a href="Your donation link" target="_blank"> Click here </a>get a member of vip to view the hidden content.',

Test demo:
Hide_OFF.jpg Hide_ON.jpg permissions_setting.jpg
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