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Kiss Portal Engine

1.0.20 phpBB 3.0.11
Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:54 am
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The Kiss Portal Engine is based on the Stargate Portal with all the unnecessary frills removed...

Features include:
  • The Kiss Engine is fully integrated... (it does not simply add a portal page)...
  • All blocks (the basic method of collecting and display additional information used by most portals) can be added to all phpBB and Mod pages...
  • Fully integrated portal with ACP control over all aspects...
  • Supports blocks on all phpBB pages including pages added by your modifications...
  • The administrator can assign different blocks to different pages...
  • Access to Blocks, Menus (down to individual menu items) is set on a group based (one/many)...
  • Active blocks can be further arranges by each user using drag/drop and hide/show...
  • One set of template files for all style utilising the portal's own *common files code...
  • The entire mod can be disabled with one click...

SQL Queries
  • Queries depend on the number of blocks on a give page...
  • Portal page: (all blocks loaded) 22 queries (includes phpBB queries)...
  • Index page: (default index blocks) 18 queries (including phpBB queries)...
  • Block cache times can be be set individually...

It is entirely possible with minimum blocks to have 5 or less additional queries... it's up to you...

Basics Block supported:
  • Announcements
  • Bots
  • Categories
  • Clock (you can change the flash component)
  • News (same functionality as announcements)
  • Last Online
  • Link Images (generates a list of random links)
  • Most Active
  • Online Users
  • Poll Block (display a given poll)
  • Random Image
  • Recent Topics (two versions)
  • Search (supports several selectable engines)
  • Style Change (with make permanent option)
  • User Information
  • Top Downloads
  • The Team (displays all teams/members)
  • Top Posters
  • Top Referrals
  • Welcome
Blocks can contain static and variable data...

New Blocks:
  • Top downloads (requested... admin determines which download are included in the list)..
  • Random image (requested... picked from any local folder)

Additional blocks:
You can add additional blocks by simply uploading the appropriate blocks code, detection is automatic, no install in required...

Mod Blocks: (started 9th Jan 2012)
The following blocks were created for existing mods...
  • User Blog Mod by EXreaction.
    [More to come...]

  • Main navigation Menu
  • Sub Menu
  • Links Menu

In development: (these are the portal's own mods but any mod can be added).
  • Acronyms Mod 100%
  • Country Flag Mod 100%
  • Dedicated Forms Mod 100%
  • Referrals Mod 100%
  • RSS Mod 100%
  • Small adds Mod 100%
  • Youtube Mod 100%
  • Web Pages Mod (includes ability to edit pages on-line, including welcome message) 80%
Mods are installed using AutoMod and UMIL...

  • Staff only bbcodes and icons...

Added to default install:
  • Local Acronyms (this is not an acronym mod, it only servers to highlight phpBB and Kiss)
  • **Web Page support

The Future:
The portal has been build with an eye on the future...
In the the next version we intend to make full use of the long awaited hook system... Edits to the core files should be a thing of the past... Also, should install automatically...

Web Pages
You can add user created web pages...
Just upload your html files to the portal common folder, edit one file and add links...
The page can be wrapped, example: portal.php?page=map or displayed as is...
Example of a page wrapped with blocks: (dev site).
http://www.phpbbireland.com/kiss2/porta ... ge=history

Portal Style Edits:
Prosilver and Subsilver2 are automatically updated during installation...
To update other styles go to ACP > Automod, select the Kiss Engine mod and use the option to update your style. Please note, this will only work for styles that conform to prosilver/subsilver2 format...
For other styles you can request a port from http://www.kiss-portal-styles.com.

GIT repository:

  • *Common files code explained:
    The common files code allows mod designers to avoid duplicating template files for every style installed... Simply add your new template files to the portal's common files folder and the Kiss Portal Engine will do the rest... The code pre-dates phpBB3's inheritance mod, it is simpler and requires no user intervention... If the template file is not found in the current style, the common file version is loaded automatically...
  • **Web Page support:
    Kiss supports calling standard html files... yoursite.com/portal.php?page=web_page_name
  • Copyright:
    Please retain all copyright notices as removing them may result in support being withheld.

Notes re login/out
If you login via the portal page you are redirected to the portal...
If you login via the index page you are redirected to the index...
Logout will redirect to portal (if set in ACP > PORTAL > phpBB Pages > Landing page), otherwise the index.
No other mods are necessary...

Notes re images: All Images/Icons in this project were sourced from the Open Icon Library or designed by me...

Michael O'Toole (michaelo)


Please note:
Git is updated on a regular basis often daily and will contain most recent updates:

Please install the latest version: 1.0.20
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