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Language Selection Mod

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Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:56 am
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This mod adds a drop down menu to the top of the site which allows guests as well as logged in users easily select any of the sites installed languages.

The dropdown box is located to the right of the font size icon in prosilver and just below the current time in subsilver2.

To ensure compatibility with any language you installed or will install, the mod uses the languages folder name to select languages. This name is the same name as identified in the ISO column in the language area in the ACP (under the system tab).

You also have the option of using this mod with your own custom links, such as flags for instance instead of the dropdown menu. Simply add ?nlang=?? to any url in the forum where '??' would be 'en' for english or 'fr' for french and so on. An example would be "http://www.site.com/forum/index.php?nlang=en".

The mod verifies that the selected language is installed (in case you used a URL to select the language) by attempting to access a file in a language folder with the same name. If the folder exists, the mod checks to make sure that you have actually installed the language.

If you intend on using your own flags/icons and do not want the dropdown menu installed, simply skip the steps that edit overall_header.html (both of them).
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