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Moderator Needed

Working fine - Moderator Needed

Working fine

by davaguco » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:47 pm

I added this MOD on my heavily modded 3.0.7-PL1 forum and it's working fine, no mod conflicts detected.

My Mods so far:

Advertisement Management
MSSTI RSS Feed 2.0 with ACP
Moderator Needed
Precise Similar Topics II
Sitemap FX
Topic Evaluation/Rating
Topic Text Hover
phpBB Digests
phpBB Statistics
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Re: Working fine

by M-D-I » Mon May 21, 2012 11:08 pm

you call that heavily modded :D
try this:

ACP Add User MOD
ACP Post Count Update
Adaptive Hide BBcodes
AOS Who Visited a Topic
Better Prompt 4 BBCodes
Easy Resize Posted Images
Moderator Needed
NV advanced last topic titles
NV usertopics Details
Precise Similar Topics II
Simple PayPal & AlertPay Donation Mod
Thanks for posts Details
Topic Multi-Moderation
Topics descriptions
User IP Logs

working just fine! :)
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Re: Working fine

by RMcGirr83 » Tue May 22, 2012 12:27 am


ACP Add User MOD
ACP User Styles
Activity Stats MOD
Admin Only Edit post
Advanced Meta Tags MOD
Advanced PayPal Donation MOD
Advertisement Management
Allowed Extensions Mod
Annual Stars
Authorized for URLs
Ban List MOD
Browser and OS icons
Canonical URL
Categorize Announcements and Stickies
Contact Admin
Custom BBCode Sorting
Email on Birthday
Email To User On Group Status Change
Enable HTML
Forum prune move
Groups Page
Guests Past 24 hours on index
Inherited Template Cache
Last Visit in Viewtopic
Latest Post In Profile
Legend Repositioning
Loading Indicator
Moderator Needed
Move to Trash
National Flags
NV advanced last topic titles
One Click Ban
phpBB mChat
Prime Quick Style
Print Post Mod
ReIMG Image Resizer
Signature Image Check
Smile middle
Sortables CAPTCHA Plugin
Top Five
Topic Text Hover
User Merge
User Notes and Warnings in Viewtopic
Viewtopic Birthday
Wait At Registration
Warning Reasons
Who posted?
XBox Leaderboard

That's heavily modded ;)
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Re: Working fine

by secret_affection » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:39 pm

Working Great [3.0.8]... with all the MODs below. :D

ACP Add User MOD
ACP Announcement Centre
Admin Only Edit post
Advanced BBCode Box 3 (aka ABBC3)
Advanced Double Activation Pack
Auto Backup
Background colors for groups
Change Post Time
Email To User On Group Status Change
Forum Background for phpBB3
Forum Title Colour
Forum sort order
Friend Request Approval MOD 0.8.0
Global Announcements on Index
I forgot - Send Username and Password
Latest Post In Profile
List subforums in columns
Log connections
Medals System MOD for phpBB3
Moderator Needed
NV "who was here?"
NV advanced last topic titles
NV recent topics
New Topic Button In Topic
Notify topic starter on moderator action
Official Topic Index
PM Box Progress Bars
Parse BBCode in Custom Profile Fields
Poll Vote Reminder
Polls Results FX
Post number in viewtopic
Post stats
Precise Similar Topics II
Prime Birthdate
Prime Instant Redirect
Prime Trash Bin
Prime User Topics
Profile Guestbook
Profile Views List
SEO Friendly Forum Title
Smile middle
Top 5 New posts/Most replies/Most views
Topic Evaluation/Rating
Topic Multi-Moderation
Topic Statistics
Topiclist FX
Ultimate Points
User Reminder
Users and Bots on Seperate Lines
View my own profile
Who Visited a Topic
Who is online - post redirect
board3 Portal
phpBB Statistics

Isn't it too Heavy.!! :o
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Re: Working fine

by mandilorian » Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:53 am

My board isn't heavily modded, but I'll list my mods for compatibility reference.

Special and Normal Rank Images
Skype Mod
Safe Gamertag
Avatar on Memberlist
Save Full Drafts
Smilies Categories for 3.0.10 (removed the link since I found it on phpbb.com but I went to the author's site for the mod and I'm not sure if it's ok to link)
Red blinking PM
Categorize Announcements and Stickies separately from regular posts
Display Inactive Users
Auto Backup
Topic icons in own column
Topic Solved
Latest Topic Title
Subforums listed in Categories
Moderator Needed <--- Added last, but seems to work perfectly so far.

I included links to each of them, they are all from phpbb.com. :)
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