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Multiple Newsletters Add On

1.0.12 phpBB 3.0.9
Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:14 pm
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Adds a multiple newsletters system to phpBB3
  • Three newsletter types:
    - board newsletter: all registered users are subsrcibed automatically
    - group newsletter: all user group members are subscribed automatically
    - optional newsletter: at the UCP all registered users can subscribe the newsletter optional, if they want
  • All sent e-mails are archived and are viewable in a frontend.
  • Newsletter public view: By default the archived newsletter e-mails are only viewable for users subscribed to the newsletter. Here you make the archived newsletter e-mails viewable for guests or all registered users, too.
  • Language selection optional: If activated the newsletter e-mails only will be send to users with the same personal language seeting.
  • Personal user setting e-mail format preference at the UCP: HMTL or Plain/Text e-mails.
  • External and internal CSS: By default the users sytle will be used for HTML e-mails. Here you can use an external stylesheet insteat.
  • Newsletter moderators called leaders are sending the newsletter e-mails and they can edit and delete the archived newsletter e-mails.
  • Newsletter administrators can create, edit and delete newsletters. Although they are leaders of all newsletters.
  • Views HMTL and Plain/Text e-mails at the newsletter archive.
  • Selected basic BBCode tags supported for the e-mails.
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