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Multiple Newsletters Add On

Frequently Asked Questions

Newsletter emails are not been sent

How-To Configure E-mail settings in phpBB?
What can we do wrong?
  • Not any e-mail is available and running at the board: First look at ACP -> EMAIL SETTINGS and check the first point to enable board-wide e-mail.
  • Board e-mail is enabled but not any e-mail is been sent successfully: Then look at 1., 3. or 4. to solve the problem.
  • Not all of the created emails are sent successfully. Or we are getting errors while sending mass e-mails (and newsletter e-mails till MOD version 1.0.1): Look at the ACP -> EMAIL SETTINGS and set E-mail package size to 0 (included in phpBB since 3.0.5). More information at the end of this article.
  • The IP address of the webserver has been blacklisted on DNS Blacklists: The reason in most cases is that your are running it with 2. but you have to use 1. or 4. insteat.
Some possible situations and solutions:
  1. First the standard situation for most of the phpBB3 using webmasters:
    You a have webhosting package or a virtual server on your provider and the SMTP server which you are using for your e-mail is your provider's SMTP server. E.g. my provider is 1&1 and I'm using the SMTP server smtp.1und1.de for sending my personal e-mails. This SMTP server needs authentification for using it for sending emails. (This is always good! The other case is a Open Relay Server spreading SPAM around the world.)
    So I have the same settings which I'm using in my e-mail client software for my POP3 account. In phpBB3 I have to select LOGIN for the authentication method.
    An example: http://martin-truckenbrodt.com/pics/php ... ttings.jpg
  2. Second nearly the same situation:
    You have a virtual server or a root server on your provider and this server is the SMTP server for your e-mail domain, too. This means: You have the same IP address for the A HOST record (WWW) and the MX record (SMTP) at the DNS configuration for your domain.
    Here can try run it without a SMTP server. Or you can do it like the first situation above.
  3. The third situation:
    You are running your SMTP server and your webserver on different machines locally in your DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) or in your intranet. Here you can work with an SMTP server entry and without authentification. Just configure your SMTP server to allow your web server to send e-mail - e.g. authenticated by its IP address.
  4. The fourth situation for a lot of phpBB3 using webmasters:
    You don't have an own e-mail domain and you are running your board on a free webhoster or on other services.
    Here you need at least a free e-mail account. Configure the E-mail settings like the frist situation here and similar to the settings at your e-mail client software for this e-mail account.
Some important notices:
  • You can configure your E-mail different, too. But notice that a lot of SPAM filters can add your webserver's IP address to their lists if the IP address of the official DNS MX record for your e-mail domain is different to the IP address of your webserver which is sending the e-mails directly (DNS MX query) to the internet.
  • In some cases you have strange restrictions and limitations for sending e-mails with your provider's SMTP server. In phpBB 3.0.5 there is the (new) setting E-mail package size under E-mail settings. (But for sending phpBB3 default ACP mass e-mails perhaps you need the Max Email Recipients MOD).

(Perhaps) There are some other good possible situations. Please contact me if you have some ideas which should be added here!