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Displaying news from private/hidden forum?

by Moogie » Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:27 pm

I was hoping this news mod would allow me to remove my news forum, I didn't realise quite how it worked before I installed it and assumed there would be an ACP for adding news.

I gather if I make my news forum invisible to members then they won't see those topics on the news page. What would I need to change to ensure that all topics show up on the news page regardless of the user's access rights to the news forum?

Can I just tweak my permissions somehow to hide the news forum itself but have the topics viewable - or will this still mean users can't see the news posts?

I'm guessing I need to change something here in newspage.php

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$forum_read_ary = $auth->acl_getf('f_read');
foreach ($forum_read_ary as $forum_id => $allowed)
   if ($allowed['f_read'])
      $forum_ary[] = (int) $forum_id;

Hope someone can help :) Thanks!
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Re: Displaying news from private/hidden forum?

by basset » Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:03 pm


Were you able to solve this??

My question is the same as yours.

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Re: Displaying news from private/hidden forum?

by PiperB » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:53 pm

Old outdated support request I know but I'm just putting the answer here to help those who don't know how to do this.

Anytime you have a mod or something that requires the use of a forum that will only show if a user has access to said forum and then you want to not show that forum as if it is hidden, this is what you need to do, regardless of the mod or situation.

You have a board, and then that board has a category called "Admin Area", and it has permissions set to allow only admins or founders to see it, and perhaps all of the forums inside this category are naturally set this way.

However you can create a new forum within this admin only category and set it with permissions for at least all users to read it, or whatever you want for them to be able to do. This will make it so that all users can read those posts and that forum, but they will not initially see it, you have to either provide links and what not, but it will also show them the news feed of this mod without them actually seeing the news forum.

Again this works for any mod that requires use of a public forum but you want to hide it.

Long story short, make a forum with permissions for the users you wish to allow, and add that forum into a category that only admins have access to. It works.
To make it even more solidly hidden you can create a subforum in the admin only category and inside and admin only forum, but the subforum allowing user access.

So you can make an admin only forum called "news" in the "admins only" category, and then make several different type of news subforums which allow users to read it. They can then be selected in the news forums settings for this mod in ACP and all forums selected although hidden will still display their data in the news page.

Of course if you don't want users to be able to navigate to that hidden forum topic then you would need to edit the template file for this mod and either remove or edit out the portion where it says "Link to this topic"

Which is this part here found inside

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<strong>{L_NEWS_GO_TO_TOPIC}:</strong> <em><a href="{postrow.U_MINI_POST}">{postrow.POST_SUBJECT}</a></em><br />
You can remove that part or just edit it out.

This way you can still block anyone you want and not have to mess up the mod to do so. :) Cheers!

Disclaimer: I decided to share my edits, fixes, addons, companion mods, e.t.c. for "wiki" type purposes and for those out there like me who are on older versions of phpbb3 still. Also for those who still have or wanted this mod to have a new feature or a fix this is for you! :)

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