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NV who was here?

NV_who_was_here.png phpBB 3.0.12
Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:58 pm
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phpBB 3.0.12
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Adds a list with all users, which visited the page today, on the index.php.
With saving the record of usercount.
• en-/disable bots in the list (adjustable in ACP)
• en-/disable hidden users in the list (adjustable in ACP)
• en-/disable guests in the record (adjustable in ACP)
• en-/disable visit-time in the list or as "hover" on the name (adjustable in ACP)

• "Who was here?" or "Who was here in the last time?" (adjustable in ACP)
• display and store the record (in ACP)
• reset-function (in ACP)

• time is displayed with user-timezone and dst(daylight-saving-time) adjustment of the ucp
• usernames are coloured
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