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Official Topic Index

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Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:27 am
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Official Topic index create a ordered list of topics in a post and in external page. This is a A-Z mod.
You can choose which topic will become the list and you can choose if add to the list by default all forums's topics (usefull for forums that already have a lot of messages) or add them manually.
In both cases you can remove manually from the list the topics that you want to not disappear on the list.

You can filter the list by letters, numbers, symbols for fast find the topic you want.

Tag filter supported.
Topics with single or double tag are filtered and the system will ignoring the tags.
Are supported tag like [] or () or {}.

More faster than before.
The system add a single db query when you open the topic with list inside.

Stand alone page with all list.
You can create external list with name that you like and show them outside topics. This lists can merge topics from different forums and subforums.

External list: http://www.nipponart.org/forum/topiclist.php
In topic list: http://www.nipponart.org/forum/official ... t1710.html
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