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Integrity with tas2580 seourls

by cichy_ludek » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:39 pm

Maybe you want to use this ext with tas2580 seourls ext to generate nice links.
So you need only few changes.
1) Open core.php in main folder of extension.
2) Locate public function generate_sitemap(){
somewhere there put line:

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if (class_exists('\tas2580\seourls\event\base')) $seourl = new \tas2580\seourls\event\base($this->auth, $this->config, $this->phpbb_root_path);

3) Locate line:

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$f_url = $this->path . "viewforum.$this->php_ext?f=$f_id";
and put BEFORE:

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if ($seourl!=null) $f_url= $this->path. $seourl->generate_forum_link($f_id,$forums[$f_id]['forum_name']); else 

4) few lines after this you can find:

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$f_url = $this->path . "viewforum.$this->php_ext?f=$f_id&start=" . ($page * $per);

Before this put:

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if ($seourl!=null) $f_url= $this->path. $seourl->generate_forum_link($f_id,$forums[$f_id]['forum_name'],($page * $per)); else 

Forums are done, time for topics.
5) Before:

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$t_url = $this->path . "viewtopic.$this->php_ext?" . $f_part . "t=$t_id";


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if ($seourl!=null) $t_url= $this->path. $seourl->generate_topic_link($f_id,$forums[$f_id]['forum_name'],$t_id,$data['topic_title']);else

6) And before:

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$t_url = $this->path . "viewtopic.$this->php_ext?" . $f_part . "t=$t_id&start=" . ($page * $per);

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if ($seourl!=null) $t_url= $this->path. $seourl->generate_topic_link($f_id,$forums[$f_id]['forum_name'],$t_id,$data['topic_title'],($page * $per));   else

7) [edit]
We need also get topic title, so there:

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$sql = 'SELECT t.topic_id' . $seo_add . ', t.topic_type, t.topic_last_post_id, t.forum_id, p.post_id, p.post_modified

just add , t.topic_title

Maybe someone find this helpful :)
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