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Problem with image.php

by oldcabrones4x4 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:17 pm

I have a PHPbb forum, Some months ago, i've instaled the gallery MOD on it

I've detected a few days ago a problem when in the same post message you include more than 10 images. In this case, the page doesn't work properly. Some images doesn't appear. As you can see here:

http://www.oldcabrones4x4.com.ar/foro/v ... f=62&t=513


http://www.oldcabrones4x4.com.ar/foro/v ... 4931#p4931

I saw when the page is loaded, the number of proces enrtry has exceeded the limit (15).

I supose that the probles is because there is lot of images inncludede in the pòst whith the (......./image.php))?

Thanks for your help
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