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Precise Similar Topics II

X-Treme Purple style edits and improvements here - Precise Similar Topics II

X-Treme Purple style edits and improvements here

by PiperB » Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:38 pm


I previously had done some small edits continuing on what Foulfoot did for subsilver2 styles, and made it work for X-Treme purple....

In this post.
https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/ ... 06#p545206

I however was unsatisfied with how it looked and decided to reformate the entire template as well as make improvements and changes with the javascript and such.

It now looks more like X-Treme Purple style, as well as working more like collapsible categories...I migrated the show and hide over to the actual construct with everything else, and made it so it shows by default and a user can click the minus symbol to close the construct. So it now behaves slightly differently but similar, LOL...get it...SIMILAR (Har har har, corny joke insertion).

I completely redid the template from this mod.

Here it is for those of you on X-Treme Purple and you can also use it with other X-Treme styles because it's the X-Treme template now.
(1.5 KiB) Downloaded 14 times

Simply copy the template file into your

Then clear your cache and refresh your templates. Done! ;)

Now for some screen shots to be excited for.
Note: Areas of the image have been blurred out to protect details for security and privacy reasons...but you can still see how cool it looks regardless.

This is how it looks when it's open note the minus sign and the lovely construct.
Note: Click on the images to view full size.

This is how it looks when it's closed, note the plus sign, lol.

Enjoy friends. :)

Disclaimer: I decided to share my edits, fixes, addons, companion mods, e.t.c. for "wiki" type purposes and for those out there like me who are on older versions of phpbb3 still. Also for those who still have or wanted this mod to have a new feature or a fix this is for you! :)
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