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"No e-mail subject specified" for other lang. notifications - Prime Notify

"No e-mail subject specified" for other lang. notifications

by AzMandius » Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:32 am

Mod version 1.0.10 / board version 3.0.11.
PHP 5.4.18 / SQL 5.5.33

My board is in 3 languages. I'm using the Serenity style.
Only for English speaking users there's a subject posted in notification mail's subject field, for other language users (Russian, Romanian), the mail subject it self is actually included in the body content of the message, while in the mail's subject field there's a No e-mail subject specified notification.

This is rather strange, because from variables point of view, language .txt files are completely same.
I have attached English, Romanian, and Russian files to compare:

Am i missing something?

p.s. this issue persists even when using the unaccustomed Russian translation files, that come with this package

Update: It's all about the characters encoding actually, as long as the file is kept with original ANSI encoding, subject is present, but as soon as i transform files into UTF-8 (i have to use it to display normally Cyrillic and Romanian Unicode characters) subject isn't accepted. Any ideas?
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Re: "No e-mail subject specified" for other lang. notificati

by primehalo » Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:11 am

When you transform the files into UTF-8, are you saving it with or without a Byte Order Mark (BOM)? This is the line in the source code which looks for the subject:

Code: Select all

if (preg_match('#^(Subject:(.*?))$#m'$this->msg$match))  

It searches for "Subject:" at the beginning of a line, so maybe if there's a hidden BOM before that text then the regular expression wouldn't match it.
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