Private Message Moderation

Moderate the private messages sent by users on a phpBB3 bulletin board. Administrators can view the private message database and delete private messages using this Administration Control Panel plugin.

  • View private messages created by the users of your bulletin board
  • View all of the private messages sent by a specific user
  • View all of the private messages received by a specific user
  • View the conversation between two specific users
  • The ability to filter autogenerated private messages out of the views
  • Search for private messages that contain a specific text string
  • Delete private messages

A Note About "Privacy":
I am well aware (and you should be too) that there are potential legal and ethical issues associated with the monitoring of "private messages" on a bulletin board. I made my own judgement about those issues before I created this MOD for my board. You should make your own similar judgement before you use this MOD. This thread is not the place for a discussion about that issue. The topic has been beaten to death elsewhere.

Installation/Update Procedure:
Instructions for installing or updating this MOD in your phpBB3 bulletin board can be found in Sourceforge.
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