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Subsilver2 Template edit and changes are here! - profile guestbook

Subsilver2 Template edit and changes are here!

by PiperB » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:23 am


I installed this a ways back on X-treme purple, and tweaked it out a bit but set it aside for later template formatting because I knew I would eventually get back around to it. I know it looks really freaky on subsilver2 with the standard prosilver only template that came with the mod.

So now without further adieu, here we go.

Open: styles/Subsilver2/template/memberlist_view.html


Code: Select all

			<!-- END custom_fields -->
Add After: (On a new blank line)

Code: Select all

<!-- INCLUDE profile_guestbook.html -->
Save the File.

Here is the changed template file for the mod, I completely reformatted it to look awesome for both subsilver2 and x-treme styles. (I Tested it on both and it works like a charm.)
(2.24 KiB) Downloaded 15 times

Upload that file to your template directory for subsilver2 or other subsilver2 spawned style. LOL @ spawned.

Clear your cache and refresh your templates. Done! :D
Now for the lovely screen shots. :P

Here we have it in subsilver2 now.

Now here is how it looks in my X-Treme Purple...keep in mind though that I added my own custom css buttons and stuff so it's going to look a bit more polished, lol.

Enjoy! ;)

Disclaimer: I decided to share my edits, fixes, addons, companion mods, e.t.c. for "wiki" type purposes and for those out there like me who are on older versions of phpbb3 still. Also for those who still have or wanted this mod to have a new feature or a fix this is for you! :)
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