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Red Blinking PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Subsilver2 - Installation Guide

    Installation guide for Subsilver2 style ( by AutoMod )

  1. Go to ACP and on the AUTOMOD tab upload a zipped MOD package. AutoMOD will then attempt to unzip the file and have it ready for installation.
  2. Run the installer
    - Actions -> install -> install (to copy files and make edits)
  3. On the next screen -> The MOD requires an external installer to finish installation. Click here to continue to that step. - > Submit (do not select the version) -> Yes
  4. If you see "Red Blinking PM - Success" go back to AutoMod (Admin index -> Automod tab) and from "Installed MODs" list select "Red Blinkink PM -> Details"
  5. find Available Changes: "Red Blinking PM - Subsilver2 (Install this MOD)" and click on it, this will allow for execution of editing and copying new files
  6. Then go to Styles tab -> Style components -> Refresh (Templates, Themes, Imagesets) -> Yes
  7. Go to General tab -> Purge the cache -> Run now -> Yes
  8. And finally go to MODs tab -> Red Blinking PM -> Configuration -> enable and set the Red Blinking PM MOD