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ReIMG Image Resizer

Frequently Asked Questions

My installation is not working!

Don't panic...here are a few things to try before you post a topic:

  1. Check the overall_header.html file for the style you are actually using. It is not enough to simply edit prosilver's overall_header.html even if your style is using template inheritance. If your style has an overall_header.html file you MUST edit it and also upload the needed. The needed edit can be found in the install.xml file which can be readily opened either locally after unpacking the entire archive or through the link in the Contribution Details tab above. Also make sure the template/mods/reimg_content.html file is also present for the style in use. If your style is prosilver-based then upload the mods folder from the prosilver folder. If it is subsilver2-based then upload the mods folder from the subsilver2 folder.
  2. Make sure all files have been uploaded such as the hook file that goes in includes/hooks and the reimg folder.
  3. Purge your forum cache and refresh your template.
  4. If at this point it is still not working then using your favorite FTP program navigate to the forum's cache directory and delete all .php files present and check again.
  5. One last hurrah: check for a max-width property being set for images through one of your stylesheets specifically for the postbody css class.
  6. "What file edit instructions? There are none included in the MOD!" This is simply not true. Unzip the downloaded archive and open install.xml in your favorite/default browser.

If none of the above works for you then create a support topic in the Discussion/Support tab above to see if there is anything else that can be done and make sure to provide an example link to better assist in troubleshooting.