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Soft Delete

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Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:10 am
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Changes the current hard delete scheme to all soft deleting for posts and topics. Also includes the option to undelete posts and topics after they have been soft deleted. New permissions give the option to allow administrators and/or moderators to hard delete posts/topics after they have already been soft deleted.

Warning: A number of bugs seem to exist when using this with newer versions of phpBB, it IS NOT RECOMMENDED that you use this modification anymore.


As of September 15th 2013, I (Dugi) took over development of this modification. I'm currently trying to list all bugs and feature requests and I'm going to need everyone's help for this. Once I have a list with all caught bugs and your requests, I'll fix/add them all and provide an up to date package. Hopefully I'll manage to do all this before the 3.1 release, which will have the Soft Delete feature included by default.

Refer to this topic to report bugs or request features.
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