Warning: The author of this contribution does not provide support for it anymore.

Sortables CAPTCHA Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install

The advantage of a plugin is that you only need to copy files over. If you already have AutoMOD installed, use it. If you don't have AutoMOD installed it's not worth the effort to install it, proceed to Manual.

  • Automatic (AutoMOD)
    1. Extract the ZIP-file
    2. Copy the folder sortables_captcha_plugin_(version)
      to: yourforum.com/store/mods/
    3. Go to: Administration Control Panel (ACP) > AutoMOD > And click Install
    4. Now see: Configuration below.
  • Manual (Copy files)
    1. Extract the ZIP-file
    2. Open this file in Opera, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer. (Not Chrome)
    3. Follow the Copy Files instructions in the file.
    4. Now see: Configuration below.
To configure the questions go to: ACP > General > Spambot countermeasures > Select Sortables and click Configure. Make sure to re-select Sortables as default plugin and hit submit after you configured the questions. (This is not done automatically)