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Thanks for posts

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Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:02 am
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  • MOD adds the ability to thank the author of the post (or cancel thanks to the author).
  • MOD works through a new permission access to the forums.
    When you install the MOD permission added to the roles: Standard Access, Standard Access + Polls, Limited Access,Limited Access + Polls, Full Access.
    (If you want to set other settings: go to ACP-Permissions-Forum based permissions-Forum permissions and click the forums, where you want to have a function of Thanks for the post. Let Yes "Can thank for posts" tab Misc).
  • Switch option to receive notifications about thanks to UCP-Board preferences.
  • Configuration options, including update counts after deleting posts/topics/users - in the ACP-.MODS-Thanks.
  • To view a list of thanks, need to allow global users permission "Can view list of all thanks" tab Misc. When you install a mod the permission added to the next roles: Standard Features, Limited Features, All Features and the members of the group Registered users.
  • To view a toplist, need to allow the global user permission - "Can view toplist" in TAB Misc. When you install a mod the permission added to the next roles: Standard Features, Limited Features, All Features, No Private Messages, No Avatar and group Registered users.
  • For the ability to clean up lists thanks to allow global permission for moderators - "Can clear the thanks list" tab Misc. When you install a mod permission added to the role of Full Moderator and the members of the group Global moderators.
  • In the contrib folder you can find files reput_star_.psd and thanks.psd to develop their own images to your style.
  • Rating is built on a number of thanks for the posts. For 100% rating is the highest number of thanks for post (leader). Rating the remaining posts is defined as a percentage of the ranking leader.
    For example, the maximum number of thanks for post #1 = 10. This is 100%. Then post #2 with 5 thanks will have a rating of 50% (10/5). Post #3 with 3 thanks will have a rating of 33,3% (10/3), etc.
    If the post #1 will receive another thanks (10 +1 = 11), his rating will remain 100% (as leader). Rating post #2 is 45.5% (11/5), rating post #3 is 27.3% (11/3).
    Position ranking is determined by the number of thanks. Topics rating is made up of the sum of the topic's posts thanks. Forum's rating is made up of the sum of the forum's posts thanks.
  • It Is Important!
    Rating system works correctly if there are no records in the database of thanks in relation to remote, moved posts or posts from guests.
    Therefore, you must use the "Update thanks counters" tool (in ACP) after mass delete posts, topics, users, or other action of the moderators or administrators (for example, change poster or merge accounts). The "Update thanks counters" function to work properly requires MySQL version 4.1 or higher.
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