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How to Hide certain BBcode Content in Topic Preview

Topic Preview will always remove BBcode tags when displaying the preview text. However, any text contained within these BBcodes tags will be displayed in the preview.

There may be certain situations where you want text surrounded by BBcodes to be removed from the Topic Preview, because the text may be meaningless such as an image link or because the text is sensitive such as in a custom BBcode like spoiler.

One example of this might include inline attachments. In your first post, this may look like:

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Here is a picture of something [attachment=0]some_image.jpg[/attachment]

This would appear in Topic Preview as:
Here is a picture of something some_image.jpg...

You can hide the [attachment] BBcode and your Topic Preview will look like:
Here is a picture of something...

To hide the text within specific BBcodes, add them to the Topic Preview ACP setting, "BBcodes to hide in Topic Preview," and use a vertical bar to separate them.

For example: url|attachment|quote

I have found that it is good to add the three phpBB BBcodes shown in the example. But you may have created custom BBcodes such as MP3s, Spoilers, YouTube, Videos, and more that you do not need to have shown in Topic Preview. You can add any of these types of BBcodes and others that may be causing undesirable effects in Topic Preview to this setting in the ACP.

Note: It is not necessary to worry about IMG or FLASH BBcodes, as they are filtered out of the Topic Preview by default.