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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation FAQ - Look Here if having trouble

Here are some frequent problems people might run in to when installing this MOD, and their solutions.

Q. I can't do the edits for viewforum_body.html, search_results.html, ucp_prefs_view.html?
A. This most likely means your style is a subsilver2-based style. Please try the subsilver2.xml instructions included in the contrib folder.

Q. I saw an error that said "This version of UMIL is outdated."
A. No need to worry. This MOD can be installed with any version of UMIL. The latest version of UMIL is included with this MOD, but it might be possible the phpBB has released a newer version since this MOD's release. This is nothing to worry about.

Q. I got an SQL error page when I tried to turn this MOD on/off in the UCP.
A. This most likely means you did not run the "install_topic_preview.php" file after installing this MOD. This file must be run to complete installation of this MOD.

Q. I installed the MOD correctly, but still do not see any topic previews.
A. Try purging your board's cache in the ACP

Q. Where are the settings for this MOD?
A. For Admins: In the ACP -> .MODs -> Topic Preview
For Users: In the UCP -> Board Preferences -> Edit Display Options