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X-Treme Purple Template Fix Here

by PiperB » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:43 am


Hey, just sharing my template fixes for this mods subsilver2 template to work for X-Treme Purple.

Without this fix, X-Treme Purple looks cray cray. (All over the place, stretched wrong and looks terrible)

Here is the file, simply unzip and overwrite your template file for extreme purple with this one and your template formatting issue is solved. ;)
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Thank you to the mod author for this cool mod. :)

I have made another correction to this file, please if you have already downloaded it, download it again and replace the file with the new one. It is fully completed now. Perfect.

Disclaimer: I decided to share my edits, fixes, addons, companion mods, e.t.c. for "wiki" type purposes and for those out there like me who are on older versions of phpbb3 still. Also for those who still have or wanted this mod to have a new feature or a fix this is for you! :)
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