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UCP Style Preview

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Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:32 pm
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This modification will allow the user of a forum to preview different styles that are installed on a forum using jQuery, jQuery dialog and AJAX.

Requirements: User must have javascript active in browser and a phpBB forum :)

When a user enters their UCP and they click the button, they will be presented with a popup (via AJAX) where they will be able to preview the styles that are installed prior to selecting a certain style.
Mod can be enabled/disabled in the ACP in "Board Settings" (where you set the default style of the forum).

If the forum is set to override the users styles, or if there is only one style installed on the forum, then the mod will not be presented (what would be the point in that?). This mod will have zero effect on the select box within the ACP as it is just for users.

This is a very easy modification to install.

This mod is written due to the Summer of MODS topic.

Custom support is given at this forum
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