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Ultimate Points

Companion Mod Ultimate Points with Download MOD - Ultimate Points

Companion Mod Ultimate Points with Download MOD

by PiperB » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:17 pm

I created an install for the companion mod Ultimate Points with Hotschi's Download MOD!

This mod will make Ultimate Points work with the download mod.

Users get points for uploading, and have to pay for downloads.

Point amount settings can be found in:
ACP >> .MODS >> Ultimate Points >> Points Settings >> phpBB Download MOD Integration

Author notes:

I continued this on from this add on found here.

I added some missing components, (like the part that enables the database settings to show in the ACP) as well as new features. Before it was still allowing users with zero points or negative points to download files and it would subtract the points more into the negative like so "Points: -20.00".

Now it has a message to the user that they don't have enough points to download if their points are zero or negative amounts.

Also before it was charging points to founders for downloads, and most probably don't want this, so I made it so founders do not have to pay.

Founders can still get points for uploading as I did not change that aspect. Now translated into English as well.

I used download mod version 6.5.33, and Ultimate Points version 1.1.2, but it will work with earlier versions, except for anything below 6.5.26 on download mod it needs the dl_mod/includes/dl_load.php edits in the download.php file instead. So 6.5.26 and above use the dl_load.php as per the file edit instructions below.

Here is the download. Enjoy! :)
(29.11 KiB) Downloaded 32 times

I am aware that these mods are considered by some as outdated, and that some might see this as useless. However the downloads are still available and people are still using older versions of phpbb, so this is for them.
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