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User Blog Mod

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Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:38 am
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Adds Blogs for each user to your phpBB3 forums.

The User Blog Mod does not support PHP versions less than 5.1.0.

  • Categories can be made with unlimited subcategories and branching.
  • Each user has their own page to which they may post new blogs to.
  • Comments can be made to blogs.
  • Soft Delete - Blogs and Replies, when deleted, are first soft deleted. Administrators have a permission setting to allow them to permanently hard delete blogs and replies.
  • Separated Templates. Allows you to very easily create or install separate templates for the User Blog Mod and allow users to select which templates they want shown for their blog. This uses the board default style for things like posting, so only 1 template needs to be built in order to allow users to pick it for their own template. You can see this on my blog here (currently I have the Blogger Clone as my blog template).
  • SEO Url's - If you have Mod Rewrite enabled on your server you can use the SEO Url's which change an ugly URL like the following:
    To something nicer, like:
    http://localhost/blog/EXreaction/welcom ... d_b-1.html

    Or something like:
  • Users may rate blogs.
  • User Permissions - Users can set permissions for other users on a global or per blog basis, letting them decide if they want the users to not see the blog, be able to see and read the blog, or be able to see, view, and reply to the blog. Users can set options for 4 "groups", Guests, Friends, Foes, and everyone else (Administrators and Moderators are not affected by user set permissions, and any permissions set by administrators in the ACP override any settings set by users).
  • Plugins System - Allows you to not only easily expand the features of the User Blog Mod by installing user made plugins, but it also makes it very easy to make your own custom plugins which add features for your own board without having to edit the core files every time you upgrade. Installing plugins is usually very simple, and can usually be done by just uploading some files to your phpBB3 forum and clicking the Install button in the User Blog Plugins ACP module. A screenshot of the Plugins ACP module is attached to this post (the exact look of the page is subject to change).
  • Subscriptions - Users can subscribe to receive updates via PM or Email when a new reply is posted to a blog or a new blog is posted by a user.
  • Feeds - RSS/ATOM/Javascript output feeds
  • Search System - Users can search for text within blogs and blog replies (it is separate from the phpBB3 search system however).
  • Attachments - An attachments system exactly like the one included with phpBB3.
  • Polls - The same as polls for phpBB3.
  • Per user/group permissions - Integrates with the phpBB3 permissions system and allows a lot of control over what users can and can not do.
  • Upgrade system - Allows you to upgrade from existing Blog Systems. It currently only supports The Blog Mod 0.2.4b (phpBB2).

Report bugs and issues to the tracker.

The subversion repository is located at Google Code

Make sure to read the Author's notes section AND the FAQ before installation.
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