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Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:41 pm
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This MOD is a based on "View Profile MOD", and it gives the ability to users to go to your profile page.
It shows the group color of the user, if person that access the forum is a guest, the MOD shows a message asking her to register (only if the register is available, if it isn't the MOD shows a message warning that the registers are desactivated).

First and second screenshots are for guests.
The first is asking guests to register, and the second says that the registers are disabled.
In the third screenshot you can see an exemple of the "real feature" of the MOD.
The message added by MOD is this:
"Welcome back to SITENAME, USERNAME!"

Note: In the screenshot, my forum name is "seu_dominio.com" and my username is "Kairion".
menu-guests-noregister.png menu-guest.png
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